1. Conduct a client interview to identify the qualitative and quantitative factors that establishes the ideal candidate.
  2. Evaluate that information and, using our extensive database and experience as resources, determine the most targeted approach to finding the top candidates.
  3. Begin contacting potential candidates and screen them by way of initial telephone interviews.
  4. Determine the contenders who are the closest match to our ideal candidate to meet for more in-depth, face-to-face interviews.
  5. Assess the results to determine a short-list of three or four candidates to present to the client.
  6. Provide the client with an individual assessment of selected candidates.
  7. Arrange interviews with the client and candidates.
  8. Perform an in-depth de-brief with both the client and the candidates to ensure a clear understanding of job requirements and expectations, determine a cultural fit and establish both parties desire to continue the process.
  9. Co-ordinate follow-up interviews when necessary.
  10. Consult with client to determine the best candidate and confirm the candidate’s satisfaction and willingness to accept an offer.
  11. Facilitate the offer process.
  12. Complete or assist with the reference checks, as the client requires.
  13. Give guidance to the candidate as needed with the resignation process.
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